Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Letter A: Day 2

Today MaKenna went on an adventure to the library to look for books that have a word(s) that begin with the letter A in the title. She also found some movies too. Last night at bedtime, Ken read MaKenna the story of Abraham from the Bible. So it was fun to find the Veggie Tales movie about Abe and the Amazing Promise. After watching one of the movies during rest time, we made apple dip from cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla. MaKenna really liked the dip and I had to remind her to eat the apple slice too. I thought that the apple dip would taste really yummy on a bagel.


Amber said...

MaKenna would probably enjoy The A Book by the Berensteins. It is pretty fun with most of the words in the whole story beginning with A.

Even better is their B Book (when you get to B). I recommend it - it is one of our faves. Even Bree has started identifying capital B's now as a result. :)

Anonymous said...

love the pics

Ken and Michelle said...

I was looking through MaKenna's books today and found that we actually have the B book. It was mine when I was little. Thanks for the suggestion.